"It takes a lot to keep my kid occupied for more than 10 minutes, but she can't stop scribbling!"

"My four-year-old son keeps asking me to put his drawings on my computer. I love it!"

"Fun, simple, and free. What more can you ask for?"

"Like a window into my child's imagination."

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The Scribble Kid app does not track your usage and does not access your contacts or web history. The app does not collect any personally identifiable information.

The Scribble Kid app saves the state of the app to your device when it exits, so it can be restarted in the same state. This is recommended practice for an iOS app. This data is not transmitted and it is not associated with any identifying information.

The Scribble Kid app also saves the drawing you make to the camera roll or photo library on the device. If you choose, you can then sync the device to third party accounts not under our control, such as iPhotos or your iCloud account, subject to the terms applicable to those accounts.

We use text files called cookies to provide us with information about visits to the Scribble Kid website. In particular, we have deployed Google Analytics which uses first-party cookies to track visitor interactions. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains. Google Analytics also collects the IP address of website visitors in order to provide us with a sense of where our visitors come from geographically. Google Analytics collects information anonymously and reports website trends to us without identifying individual visitors.

If you have questions, please contact questions@scribble-kid.com.